Terms and Conditions

Bryn Coch Farm Cattery 

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions are designed to protect the health and well-being of our feline customers as well as the rights of ourselves and our human customers.  These Terms & Conditions form the basis upon which cats are accepted for boarding and form an agreement between Bryn Coch Farm Cattery and the owner covering the period of boarding and must be accepted in order for our Insurance to apply.


Cats will only be accepted upon sight of an up to date innoculation certificate for Feline Infectious Enteritis and Cat Flu.  The certificate must be left at the Cattery for the duration of the boarding period.  Cats whose annual vaccination programme has lapsed or young cats must have had their first vaccination at least 10 days prior to commencement of the boarding period.  Cats should be up to date with flea and worming treatments when boarded and the owner must warrant that the cat is in a fit and sound condition.  Any ongoing treatment and/or health problems must be advised prior to boarding as these may incur additional costs or may prevent us being able to accept your cat for boarding.


Male cats over the age of eight months of age which have not been neutered will not be accepted for boarding.


All of our pens are designed to accommodate up to two cats.  However, only cats from the same home may share a pen and they must be amicable when together in a confined space.


Any cat not collected within 14 days of the agreed expiration of the boarding period with no contact from the owner or their representative will be classified as abandoned and handed over to an animal rehoming establishment at our discretion.


In the event of a cancellation, please give us as much notice as possible.  In the event of a cancellation after payment has been made, the full charge will still be due.  You may be able to reclaim this from your holiday Insurance.


For long term boarders (one month or more), interim payments are to be agreed at the time of booking.


Charges are per 24 hours or part thereof from 10am on the day of commencement of the boarding period.  


Our insurance covers vets fees arising only as a result of illness or accident occurring whilst your cat is in our cattery up to a maximum of £750.  Illness, accidents or pre-existing health problems occurring prior to the commencement of the boarding period are not covered.  The insurance does not cover routine vaccination fees, treatment for ear mites, worming or flea treatments.  In the event of accident/illness occurring during the boarding period, we will endeavour to contact the owner, their representative or their preferred vet.  However, we reserve the right to contact our own preferred vet in the event we are unable to contact any of the former and the cat’s welfare is in question.  We will not be responsible for any vets fees or callout fees, other than those covered by our insurance.  The insurance will only be active from the commencement of the boarding period until the owners arrive on the premises to collect the cat(s).


All possible care and attention is given to the animals in our care but it is clearly understood that all animals are only accepted at the owner’s risk and upon acceptance of the terms herein.


In the unfortunate and sad event of a cat dying or having to be put to sleep whilst in the cattery, we will notify the owner or owner’s representative at the earliest opportunity.  Unless otherwise instructed, we will take the cat to your or our preferred vets for appropriate storage until the owner’s return.  We will not be responsible for any vet’s fees other than those covered by our insurance.  The owner will be responsible for any Insurance Excess payable.


All cats will be examined visually on arrival and are accepted into our care on the assumption that they are in good health or that any existing health problems have been communicated in advance.  We reserve the right to refuse admission to any cat appearing unwell or thought to be suffering from any infectious disease or previously undisclosed illness.


Cats should arrive, or be ready for collection, in a suitable carry case.  Loose in your arms or in an old cardboard box could result in the cat’s escape and, in this circumstance, this would not be covered by our insurance.


You are encouraged to bring with you any items that will make your cat feel at home.  However, we do not accept any responsibility for items left in the cattery during the boarding period, although every effort will be made to ensure that all the correct items go home with each cat.


Payment of our fees should be made at the time of booking for July, August and other peak holiday times or at least a month in advance for other times.  We accept cash or bank transfer only   The minimum charge is £30.   Cheques are no longer accepted.


Agreement to these Terms & Conditions is assumed when we accept your cat for boarding.


Our preferred Veterinary Practice is Village Vets, Liverpool Road, Buckley (including Meadowbank, Northop).  Please advise us if you would prefer us to use an alternative Vets.